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1. Subject Major Survey

The subject major survey is carried out with the intention of capturing expectations, academic interests, and requirements for students in order to be able to offer them optimal conditions for academic success.

2. Seminar Evaluation

The evaluation of seminars is intended for improving university teaching in the individual course offerings. The results of the seminar evaluations are shared with faculty members which they are to then report to their students in their courses. The survey is conducted as an anonymous questionnaire to ensure free expression of views.

03. Survey on Standard Length of Studies

The focus of this survey is to evaluate the aptness of the major as an academic subject throughout all semesters as well as the general time planning and the standard length of studies. Identifying the reason(s) for a longer period of study and the consequences which result from this for students are also part of the survey.

4. Graduate Survey

Graduates are the only group which have a well-founded overview of the entire program of study and - if they are already working professionally - can make a statement about the relevance of the instructional goals for everyday work life.

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