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Fachbereich Elektrotechnik
Dept. of Electrical Engineering
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BAföG Office Hours

The following professors in the Dept. of Electrical Engineering are authorized to sign BAföG documents for students.

Prof. Dr. Langmann
BAföG office hours (only while classes are in session)
Mondays 12:00 noon to 12:45 PM in Room M 3.a or L0.13
Appointments by e-mail or
phone +49 (0) 212/499436 (after 7:00 PM)

Prof. Dr. Pogatzki (Room H5)
Appointments by e-mail or
phone +49 (0) 211/4351309

The latest information on academic confirmation for BAföG applications can be viewed here.

FH Düsseldorf
23.03.2012 - 15:40

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