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Academic Advising for Students

Faculty members of the Electrical Engineering department offer you help and support in analyzing and helping solve delays which occur during a course of study. This advice is based on §83 of the new Higher Education Act which specifically states:

§ 83 Academic Advising

  • The University advises its students, prospective students, and applicants on all academic matters. General Academic Advising covers questions related to aptitude for studies and in particular advice on academic opportunities, curricula, organizing a degree program and admission requirements; it is offered throughout the degree program and includes psychological counseling when students encounter difficulties with their studies. Advise on the academic major helps students in particular on matters regarding how to organize their studies, academic techniques, and the areas of specialization or subject concentration of their degree program.

  • The University shall review the academic progress made by the end of the second semester, inform students and if necessary carry out academic advising.

  • General Academic Advising is centrally organized. Advice on the subject major is the task of the respective department.

  • The University works in the area of academic advising with the offices responsible for professional/career counseling, the state-run examinations, and other educational advisory services available.

We request your help during the lower division studies by asking you about the academic progress you have made. We are only able to meet our statutory obligations if you cooperate in this regard. Only with your cooperation can academic advising be successfully implemented.

In addition we also offer personal discretionary counseling. You are naturally always welcome to approach other faculty members at any time.

Office hours when classes are in session:

Tuesdays 11:00 AM - 12:00 noon
Room: M1.10

Phone: +49 (0) 211 - 4351333

When classes are not in session:
by appointment only

Prof. Dr. Gregor Gronau >>

Industrial Engineering and Busisness Management
Prof. Dr. Kati Schmengler

Office hours by appointment

kati.schmengler@fh-duesseldorf.de >>

FH Düsseldorf
28.09.2012 - 10:40

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