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Master degree program in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

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The master degree program in electrical engineering and information technology offers students specialist coursework in four areas to deepen knowledge gained in the corresponding concentrations of the Bachelor degree programs):

  • Automation technology
  • Electrical power engineering
  • Communications and information technology
  • Microtechnologies

The following graphic shows how the master degree program is organized.

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Admission Requirements

  • Successful completion of academic program in electrical engineering, communication technology, automation technology, microelectronics, information technology, or a comparable degree program

  • At a university of applied sciences, a university, a technical university, or a comparable institution of higher education within the area in which the German Basic Law applies

  • In a bachelor degree program of at least 180 ECTS or in a graduate degree program with a recognized equivalent degree from a foreign university

  • With an average grade for all graded modules of the final report card which corresponds with an ECTS equivalent grade of "B" or a final cumulative grade of 2.5 or better based on the German grading system

Further information on admission requirements and matriculation are found in the examination regulations.

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Coursework Overview

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Notes on Academic Coursework

Each concentration consists of nine required modules and three technical elective modules, two non-technical elective modules and a scientific project. Required modules and technical elective modules are of the same length (SCH, credits) so that students have the option of choosing other required modules from other concentrations as technical elective modules. There is also a comprehensive catalog of additional elective modules.

Subjects which cover general knowledge (electromagnetic field theory I & II, higher mathematics) are included as required modules in all concentrations. Some subjects are taught in English.

So that students can commence studies in both the winter as well as the summer term, the subjects of electromagnetic field theory I and higher mathematics are offered in the winter and summer terms.

The scientific project is designed to introduce students to carrying out scientific work. Self-paced special projects and theoretical as well as experimental case studies are worked on by students so that afterwards they are able to identify, structure, and successfully complete scientific tasks within a specified period of time.

Key qualifications already included in the bachelor degree program curriculum remain a part of the master degree coursework as non-technical elective modules (e.g., English Business Communication or Quality Assurance Systems).

The 4th term is devoted to completing the master's thesis. The skills acquired in the scientific project are applied to preparation of the thesis.

Course Descriptions

There is more information available about this major and its curriculum requirements in the module handbook.

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The Admissions Office advises that graduates of bachelor programs may apply for admission to the Electrical Engineering and Information Technology master degree program if they have successfully completed studies in electrical engineering, communications technology, automation technology, microelectronics, information technology and done so with a final grade average equal to or better than 2.5 (between good and satisfactory) based on the German grading system.

In the summer term applications are to be submitted using the online application portal of the University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf:

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Please note that only online applications are accepted. Written applications will not be considered.

An online application for the summer term 2012 is possible until January 15, 2012 (24-hr period of statutory limitation). The data sheet must have been received by the University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf by January 20, 2012 (24-hr period of statutory limitation).

Proof of having completed the qualifying degree must be provided no later than April 15, 2012 - The deadline originally published on the application portal of March 15, 2012 does NOT apply.

Applying Online

Applicants for the master degree in electrical engineering program can apply by

  • January 15 (studies begin in the summer term)
  • July 15 (studies begin in the winter term)

using the online procedure.

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